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信瘾/ 沉迷于色情

信瘾/ 沉迷于色情BD



影片导演:Joseph Tosconi


对白语言:英语对白 中英字幕更新时间:2016-01-27




信瘾/ 沉迷于色情 剧情介绍

电影《信瘾/ 沉迷于色情在线观看》资源由阿虎影视网提供,这部来自美国的剧情片信瘾/ 沉迷于色情剧情讲述的是"ADDICTED TO SEXTING"| a compelling (and sometimes humorous) look at the rise and proliferation of this social phenomenon from several varying perspectives and how   the lives of those engaged in it are affected. Throughout the course of the film| we examine nearly every aspect of what has become a national and international   pastime. A vast range of opinions give their input about this delicate subject and| as such| discussions with notable figures in the entertainment| political and   medical fields (among others) are included. The film touches on the many high profile scandals surrounding public officials and the resulting consequences of their   actions. In stark contrast| an honest look at the possibility of sexting as a positive development within the framework of healthy relationships is also presented.   Sexting exists and is not likely to disappear anytime soon. "ADDICTED TO SEXTING" shows the why| how and what possible purpose it serves.

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友情提示:信瘾/ 沉迷于色情虽然很好看,但也要注意视力小心近视噢!

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